The Dangers of a For Sale By Owner

Have you ever thought about the dangers of For Sale By Owner real estate transactions?


Unfortunately, most sellers do not realize the risk they are taking when trying to sell a home themselves. Statistically, FSBO (For Sale by Owner) properties sell for $0.80 to the $1.00 which means that they sell for 20% below market value. Sellers may lose 20% by trying to save themselves 6% when they list as a For Sale by Owner rather than with a licensed real estate professional.


80% of FSBO do not even make it to the closing table because sellers have never taken a contract class, do not have E&O insurance, do not have access to qualified buyers, do not know how to go about having the property inspected, can’t successfully negotiating repairs, and do not know how to get it to close successfully on their own.


A majority of For Sale by Owners end up in court rather than at the closing table.


Our professional opinion is that it is much more effective to pay a professional to market, negotiate, and close your home for 6% commission rather than sell it for 20% below market value, risk being sued, or not sell the home at all.


We specialize in selling For Sale By Owners. Over the past years we have listed multiple FSBOs and sold them quickly for top dollar.


We come in and tell you why you aren’t getting the activity that you need to sell your home. With a lack of showings and no offers, it is time to take control of the real estate market.


Good news is… the current is a SELLER MARKET.


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