Why rent when you can own?

It’s time to stop renting.


Are you in a lease?

NOW is the perfect time to start planning for when that lease expires! If you’re considering to buy, you can definitely find options that will help you preparing for homeownership, regardless of the length of your lease.

As you probably already know, mortgage rates still have a downward trend in June 2021!

But let’s step back for a moment and focus on the two basic and fundamental factors that should be on your mind when you’re thinking to buy.

The first is getting pre-approved for a home mortgage. We recommend getting a pre-approval from a home mortgage company before you start touring homes and definitely before you write an offer for the home you’re renting.

Here’s a home mortgage calculator that can help you get an estimate.

The second is buying a home with little to no down payment if possible. Some people mistakenly think you need to put a down payment 10-20% on a house but there are many other options available.

So, considering that now interest rates are still low (and maybe they can start rising soon), what if you could lock in today’s low rates without having a property identified? It’s possible with extended rate lock periods, free pre-approvals and a down payment assistance programs. The good news is: we might have a professional that can help you in the process and represent your needs.

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Now is the time to prepare for that next step.


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